I have good news and bad news.
First the good news. If you are into urban designer/lifestyle/street tees, that you should know about Japanese clothing company, Bathing Ape (AKA Bape) created by Nigo. Well, now the creative minds behind Bape will be working with the creative minds behind ‘Star Wars’ to create a cool new collection of men’s, ladies’, and junior tees of your favorite Star Wars characters with a Bathing Ape twist to be released in the United Kingdom. Here’s the bad news. It’s only going to be released in stores exclusively in the UK. There is no plans to release these tees online or stateside. What a bitch… Regardless, these tees are pretty awesome and I’m pretty sure some bastard in the UK will be selling these on eBay for  really high price. Oh well.

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What if… What if there is a church that worships the heroes of comic books? I can tell you that I would go ever damn Sunday and never miss a single mass. At the moment, there is not “Church of the Bat” or “Church of X”, but we might just have an idea of what it might be like inside such a church. Etsy seller, FayProduction offers a very cool decal print of various characters from Batman and X-Men designed to imitate stained glass. You can get some of these magnificent prints and stick it on your window to make instant stained glass murals. I think my favorite of the bunch has to be Alfred. I would love to attend the “Church of Pennyworth”. You can pick up these cool prints at FayProduction’s Etsy store!

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Hubba hubba hubba… ‘TRON: Legacy’ featured some mind-blowing and sexy costumes and now thanks to Artifice Clothing out of Toronto, Canada, you can bring a little of the GRID to your home or the bedroom. Whats cool about these PVC ensembles has to be that the light strips “charges” when exposed to bright lights. These might not exactly be something that came out of TRON, but you get the picture. As if film authenticism really mattered… ya pervs. You can check out Artifice Clothing’s cool collection of handmade clothes in their Etsy shop!

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If you are a geek and a fan of proper hygiene, you are a mad fan of Luxury Lane Soap (@luxurylanesoap). So now that the second part of season six of ‘Doctor Who’ is about to release this weekend, why not become a clean “Whovian” with some bad ass ‘Doctor Who’ themed soaps made by Kylee Lane (@KyleeLane) of Luxury Lane Soap! The collection includes a very cool TARDIS figural soap in the color of TARDIS blue and two soaps featuring iconic baddies, Cybermen and Daleks. Each of these soaps are 100% handmade, sculpted, cut, primed, and molded by Luxury Lane Soap. Who said toiletries couldn’t be fashionable! Now, only if I can get Kylee to make lime scented Sonic Screwdriver and Red-Hot candy scented Amy Pond soaps!

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Wearing your team colors for your favorite sport team is nothing new, but when you mix that pride with the wonderfully bloody world of ‘Game of Thrones’, only good things can happen. This is the case with Sean Husbands AKA WinterArtwork’s (@WinterArtwork) awesome Game of Thrones parody tees. Each “House” is represented in a cool logo similar to those you find with your favorite pro sport teams. These awesome designs include the Stark Direwolves, Targaryen Dragons, Baratheon Stags, and Lannister Gold Lions. Each of these tees can be found in WinterArtwork’s Redbubble shop!

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I’m not a huge collector of plushes, but these are pretty bad ass. Comic Images has been making ‘Star Wars’ plushes and back packs for a while now. They made super-deformed plushes of characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Chewbacca. Their collection has become pretty big now and I guess the next step is to make plushes of iconic vehicles from Star Wars. The first series will feature super-deformed X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, and the Imperial AT-AT. Out of the group, I think the AT-AT might be the coolest, but my opinion is a bit bias so whatever. Regardless, these awesome plush will be available in June for $12.99 a piece. I hope Comic Images makes a Death Star and Slave I plush. Now THAT would be cool.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth

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There are people that love him. There are people that hate him. Steve Jobs is the face of Apple and he pretty much takes all the praise or criticism when it comes to Apple’s newest gadgets such as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. So you can pretty much say that Steve Jobs is “public enemy number one” to Apple’s rivals. Well, what if they had put out a bounty on Jobs’ head and Boba Fett was sent out to capture him. Well, I’m pretty sure Boba Fett would get the job done (no pun intended) and would neatly hand over Jobs incased in carbonite. I guess this is why Greg Koenig‘s “Steve Jobs in Carbonite” cracks me up. A beautiful merger between ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Apple’, this iPhone 4 case is sure to be a hit for all fans. If you aren’t into getting the iPhone case, you can also get it as a print, shirt, sticker, and more.

Where to buy: Society6

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