The boys at ESPN NFL Live (ESPN SportCeter host, Trey Wingo and Super Bowl winning NFL analysts Mark Schlereth, and Tedy Bruschi) decided to drop some Princess Bride love on our heads during a broadcast. Count how many Princess Brides references you can pick up.

Hit the jump and check out the video!


3 Responses to “Inconceivable! ESPN Drops Some Major ‘Princess Bride’ Love on “NFL Sunday””

  1. Whitney says:

    I count 20??

  2. Erin Perrera says:

    Or Kate may follow in the footsteps of Autumn Kelly, who chose a stunning Sassi Holford gown for her wedding to royal grandson Peter Philips. You can read an interview with Sassi about designing a gown for a royal wedding here.

  3. Gaynelle Arkenberg says:

    The fail is that her leg is to wide for her hip.But the webpage is eaven a bigger fail to less info.(…and yes, my spelling is bad)

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