God bless G.I. Joe fans, “Count Monte” and “Bloodbane” of Lord Skiff Games. God bless you for creating a fan made video game that is deserving of the G.I. Joe name. Now, I just wish I had this game growing up. Sigh…

Hit the jump and check out the video for ‘G.I. Joe: Attack on COBRA Island. After, hit the link and download the game and start playing!


2 Responses to “Homemade: The Greatest Unofficial ‘G.I. Joe’ Video Game Ever Made”

  1. zombie island cheat says:

    When your with Mark twain I,m clicking continue It,s not working!!!

  2. adam says:

    that made me smile.being a fan and a g.i.joe collect,that almost brought tears to my ears.they should have done a gi joe game like that years ago.

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