Is it possible that this may be the greatest indoor kitty condo/home ever built? This kitty sez: MEOW YES! It might not be bigger in the inside and doesn’t have a pool, but this kitty house is fucking bad ass! I’m not a cat and I want to live in it! Beware Daleks! The owner of this TARDIS will scratch your face off! Do Dalek’s even have a face to scratch off? hummmm….

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3 Responses to “Geek Decor: This is Probably the Greatest Kitty Home of All Time and Space!”

  1. Rod says:

    holy fuk! THis is too impressive for words. But I want to type something clever… so I keep typing… but nothing I say is adequate. This is really good.

  2. Emelia Vandyck says:

    Sherry I think you’re ready for… dun dun dun! Pinking shears! And the zig zag stitch!

  3. Jaka says:

    Hey, Scott,I, too, love comics and Portland. After draeing the recent Willamette Weekly article about Diamond Distributers raising the requirements for their distribution of comics ( and, more importantly, the resulting loss of business and exposure of smaller, independent comics), I felt compelled to do something.A fellow comic aficionado suggested I might offer to write for an existing blog (I have no interest in starting my own blog), particularly on comics that are less known. Your blog came up in conversation. After draeing your comment on this blog not being a review blog, you may have absolutely no interest in this discussion. But even if you don’t, you may have an idea where I may offer writing to help comics books (particularly independents) thrive. BTW, I’m a comics reader since 1978. Stared with Conan, Spiderman and the X-Men. Followed most of Cerebus. Into American Flag. Now read alot of DC; JLA, Batman, etc. Caught the latest Punisher Mini. I am also following The Boys, Ex Machina, and wish to hell that Fell and Powers issues were still coming out.Dom

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