Let’s face it. Tiffany-style stained glass lamps hasn’t been cool in over a decade. The style is a bit outdated and it doesn’t fit in most modern households. Well, what if someone made a stained glass lamp to look like Boba Fett’s iconic helmet from ‘Star Wars’? That someone is Michael McLane (AKA mclanememories on DeviantArt).

After several years away, I have a new project done to post. I have ventured back into working with stained glass. My father taught me how to work with the media a number of years ago and I have finally turned to working with it. This is the first post-worthy project I have completed. It is a desk lamp cut and assembled in the tiffany style. It is based off of the dimensions of the actual Boba Fett prop helmet and actually fits (if anyone wanted to wear it). I have not counted the number of pieces but the green crown has 200+ just in itself.

All I can say is “wow”. Would I be willing to have this in my house? Yes. Would I be willing to wear it while lit? Fuck yes! It’s just THAT cool. Amazing work Michael!

Hit the jump and check out more pix of this awesome Boba Fett lamp!





4 Responses to “Geek Decor: Handmade Boba Fett Tiffany Style Stained Glass Lamp”

  1. Dominic says:

    OMG. That has got to be the baddest, coolest, most extraordinary lamp EVER! Phenomenal job!!! That lamp would have a place of honor in my house! Congratulations!!!

  2. we buy any house says:

    is it ok if i post a link to this on my blog?

  3. menopause estrogen says:

    Nice painting in the beginning, looks similar to a live-trace image ?

  4. jeanie says:

    Do you sell them?

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