I don’t do many book reviews on iGT, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do so for Bonnie Burton’s amazing new book, ‘The Star Wars Craft Book’. If you haven’t been living inside a Sarlacc, you know who Bonnie is. Bonnie Burton (@bonniegrrl) is the editor and blogger of, a Twitter fiend that never sleeps, and also a published author (see Bonnie’s bibliography). Bonnie’s newest book, ‘The Star Wars Craft Book’ helps fans of the Force to create awesome home-made Star Wars goodies from materials you can find at your home. The book features crafts that you can do yourself at home ranging from “playtime” crafts like puppets and dolls, home decor crafts for the kitchen and living room, Holiday inspired crafts for Christmas and other holidays, “nature and science” crafts for the backyard, and “Star Wars Style” which includes DIY apparel. My favorite section of the book has to home decor. As a die-hard fan of Star Wars, I do struggle to find more unique ways to decorate my home. While you can just go out and buy a random Star Wars poster to hang on your wall, it seems more satisfying to makes your own Jabba the Hutt body pillow for your bed room or even a “Han Solo in Soaponite” for your guest bathroom. Its those personal touches that will liven up your home while showing your guests that you are down with the Fett.

While most children and teens these days spend a majority of their free time stuck in front of the TV or the computer, The Star Wars Craft Book can be a great alternative for kids/teens to have fun while utilizing their imagination. The book beautifully lays out the instructions for each craft with easy to understand pictures. While the difficulties of the crafts do range from easy to moderate through out the book, with a little patience and maybe some trial and error, you can follow the simple step-by-step directions to successfully create any craft in the book. One of the best parts of the book would have to be whats not in it. Each of the crafts in the books teaches the reader many different ways to create homemade crafts. Taking the basic principles and skills learned from each craft, the reader can apply that knowledge to a new craft that they create themselves. After going through the book, one of the first things I wanted to try is to take the instructions for the “Wookiee Bird House” (using a 1/2 gallon milk carton and craft sticks) and create an Imperial AT-ST Walker bird house.

Bonnie’s new book is something that every family with Star Wars fans needs and is a great book to use for some family fun. Whether your a child that loves ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ or someone like me who loves the original movies, there is something for you in this book. ‘The Star Wars Craft Book’ is a delight full of whimsey with a side of badassery.

Now, I’m must go and start my “Washcloth Wampa” doll.

You can get your copy of ‘The Star Wars Craft Book’ by Bonnie Burton on Amazon or Barnes&Nobles !





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