There are people that love him. There are people that hate him. Steve Jobs is the face of Apple and he pretty much takes all the praise or criticism when it comes to Apple’s newest gadgets such as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. So you can pretty much say that Steve Jobs is “public enemy number one” to Apple’s rivals. Well, what if they had put out a bounty on Jobs’ head and Boba Fett was sent out to capture him. Well, I’m pretty sure Boba Fett would get the job done (no pun intended) and would neatly hand over Jobs incased in carbonite. I guess this is why Greg Koenig‘s “Steve Jobs in Carbonite” cracks me up. A beautiful merger between ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Apple’, this iPhone 4 case is sure to be a hit for all fans. If you aren’t into getting the iPhone case, you can also get it as a print, shirt, sticker, and more.

Where to buy: Society6


3 Responses to “I Heart Accessories: Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone 4 Case”

  1. Macabri says:

    If someone actually make an iPhone case that was Han in carbonite, I would pay good money for it.

  2. greg koengi says:

    got a C&D from Apple… hope you were able to pick one up when it was available.

  3. RogerThat! says:

    Steve Jobs, NO! Bill Gates in carbonite, YES!

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