Wow. This is so impressive, I don’t know what to say. Everyone is familiar with the weighted Companion Cube from Valve Corporation’s hit puzzle platform video game, ‘Portal’. Over the years, we have seen them recreated as papercraft, cakes, and more. However, I don’t think anyone has seen a Companion Cube case mod for a computer. Back in late 2009, “zAAm” decided to create a scaled down custom case mod to cleanly fit all the components for a working computer into a 25×25 Companion Cube. This is one hell of a feat considering everything but the actual computer hardware was made from scratch, including the LED lights. I find it mind blowing that he was able to work in the functions of the different components of the computer like the fan vents into the actual Companion Cube without distorting the look of the replica in any way shape or form. I’m not sure about you, but I would think this is just too pretty to actually use. Just the LED lights are cool enough, but to use it to look up porn? Thats a win in any person’s book. You can check here to find out how zAAm created his case mod!

Hit the jump for more pix of this impressive Companion Cube case mod.







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  1. derpmaster says:

    For the Love of god sell me one of these!!!

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