There are a lot of people with unique talents and Natalia Paruz is one of them. Natalia, who is known as “The Saw Lady” is an award winning musical saw and novelty instruments player and busker based out of New York City. She is no common talent roaming New York’s subway stations. Natalia’s talents has taken her around the world to play in prestigious concert halls in orchestras such as Carnegie Hall and also has her music recorded for film scores. Well, I guess that is why it is so exciting to see her play the theme song for ‘Star Trek’ on her saw in a NYC subway station. It’s pretty cool considering that from the look on her face, she is enjoying what she does, considering random on lookers are kind of staring at her in awe. Either that or they are freakin’ stoned. I can’t tell if their eyes are “glassy” or not in the video. Regardless, its amazing what she does and I kind of wonder whether she can play “Imperial March” or “Duel of Faiths” on the saw for us ‘Star Wars’ fans.

Hit the jump to check out Natalia’s performance of the theme song to ‘Star Trek’.


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  1. Michelle says:

    Check out the Saw Lady’s blog where she tells what happens when she plays in the NYC subway: htto://

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