I find this to be one of the most amazing Disney Princess fan art ever. While we are geared to think Disney princesses as the pure and innocent and “the fairest of them all”, Canadian illustrator Chris Hill (known on DeviantArt as chill07) decided to expose the princesses as something evil. Depicting the Disney princesses as a representation of the “7 deadly sins, Chris illustrates each princess beautifully in “art nouveau” style with the sin they each represent. I never thought about the relation between Belle (Beauty and the Beast) as “vanity” or Ariel (The Little Mermaid) as “greed”, but its interesting to think about. Maybe the association of the sins to the princesses is a bit of a stretch, but the end result is seven amazing illustrations that takes your breath away. I wonder if these illustrations are available in prints. I will kill to have them hanging in my house. They are THAT good.

Hit the jump to check out Chris Hill’s amazing “The 7 Deadly Sins as Disney Princesses” collection!


‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ Snow White as gluttony


‘Beauty and the Beast’ Belle as vanity


‘Aladdin’ Jasmine as wrath


‘Peter Pan’ Tinkerbell as envy


‘The Little Mermaid’ Ariel as greed


‘Cinderella’ Cinderella as lust


‘Sleeping Beauty’ Princess Aurora as sloth


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  1. SelenaYuezh says:

    Amazing! And I think I kind of agree, too. I never liked them, they are just “princesses” that sit around getting in trouble, playing victims and waiting for their princes to rescue them just because they’re pretty. Excepting Mulan, of course, she rocks xD Thanks goodness she’s not there.

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