Fair warning. This shit will give you an erection as long as the picture. I’m dead serious. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of ‘The Legend of Zelda’, pixiv (a Japanese online community for artists similar to DeviantArt) member, “Ag+” created an amazing Zelda illustration that many consider the greatest Zelda art piece ever. Ag+’s use to colors and attention to detail is pretty mind-blowing in my opinion. The amount of characters featured in this piece is insane as well. I would have to agree with fans that this is the greatest of all time and it will be near impossible for someone to beat this. Whats even cooler is Ag+ posted a video of himself working on this Zelda painting from start to finish. It’s is a pretty incredible video to watch. I can go on and on about how cool this picture is, but I should just let you see it and listen for the sound that you jaw makes when it hits the floor.

Hit the jump to check out Ag+’s complete Legend of Zelda paint and video of how it was made.


Full size image link


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