This is such a simple idea yet I’m freaking out about it. Japanese figure designer/manufactuer, Kotobukiya is pretty well known around the world for their pretty awesome ‘Star Wars’ toys. Well, since last year, they have been getting into making stuff that isn’t statues or model kits such as the Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks from early last year. Well, I guess it was a huge hit because Kotobukiya will now make Star Wars silicon ice trays that will produce perfect mini ice sculptures of Han Solo in Carbonite and our favorite astrometric droid, R2-D2. Simple idea right? Well, than why hasn’t anyone made it before?! These ice trays are heat and cold resistant so you can be either on Mustafar or Hoth and you won’t need to worry about these getting damaged. It’s pretty cool considering you can fill and freeze almost anything you want. You can fill them with water to make ice for your glass of scotch or fill them with fruit punch to make mini popsicles for the little ones. You can put some melted chocolate into them and make a little Artoo chocolate that you can bite into. The possibilities are endless! Koto’s Star Wars ice trays will hit the streets in July (just in time for Summer) and will cost you less than 10 credits (when I say credits, I mean dollars) each!

I hope these are out by San Diego Comic Con. It would be pretty awesome to have for a party.



Update: Found more pix at from their New York Toy Fair 2011 coverage!





Where to buy: Big Bad Toy Store
Han Solo in Carbonite

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