Welcome to “The Mechanical Kingdom”! When Disney Design Group artist, Mike Sullivan got introduced to the culture of “steampunk” at a sci-fi convention, he couldn’t help himself but get obsessed with the designs and unique features of steampunk. He has taken his new found love to his work as Disney will be designing and producing merchandise combining the world of steampunk and Disney’s colorful cast of characters and all the merchandise in a collection titled, “The Mechanical Kingdom” will be designed by Mike Sullivan himself.

“I created a story outline and several sketches to sell the idea of creating Steampunk-inspired merchandise,” continued Mike. “Honestly, it was a long process explaining the concept as many folks were unfamiliar with Steampunk. Thankfully, the Disney Pin Team loved the idea and created a pin set.” (I promise I had nothing to do with it).

The first releases from “The Mechanical Kingdom” line will be five limited edition pins (which will be sold individually) and also a themed journal written by Professor Ludwig Von Drake that will features an introduction into the Mechanical Kingdom story. On top of that, the journal will include two additional limited edition “completer” pins of a steampunked Mickey Mouse and Pirate Pete and almost the five individual pins.

There more stuff in the works as Mike is designing Mechanical Kingdom Vinylmation figurines (Disney’s version of urban designer figures) as well. The pins and journal will be rolling out in April 2010 and sold exclusively at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Parks Resorts. I’ll be there.

Hit the jump to see some of the sneak peek into the Mechanical Kingdom collection!




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