The world is not right. If you ever watch as much television as I do, you would have ran into an infomercial about a product called the Snuggie. Snuggie is pretty much a cross between a blanket and poncho. It goes over your head and covers your body to make you look like you belong in a cult or the KKK. Snuggies are usually comes in solid colors such as red and brown, however lately Snuggies have been making their products with designs from licenses such as Capcom’s Street Fighter 4. Unfortunately, SF4 wasn’t the last of it. Rumors has it that Viz Media will be launching a licensed Snuggie featuring Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto and Naruto Shippudden. Based on the picture, it looks like the Snuggie will look like the cloak that the Akatsuki wears which features the signature red clouds on a black cloak. Regardless whether this Naruto inspired Snuggie is cool or not, the Snuggie fad must stop. Go buy a sweater or a jacket. BAH!

6 Responses to “Punch Me in the Face Now. Naruto Snuggies are Coming Soon.”

  1. i watch Naruto series after going to school. i love the action and powers of naruto.,,;

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