Paul Bunyan. Zeus. The bearded lady. Incredible individuals that carved a piece of history for themselves all had beards. Croatian geek and illustrator Vanja Mrgan believes that some of the greatest characters of movies, comics, and video games should have beards. It is true. Bruce Wayne is always cleanly shaven and you have to wonder whether the caped crusader would look more intimidating and ruthless with a full grown beard under that cowl. Vanja does an incredible job of giving the gift of facial hair to the beardless heroes and villains of the geek universe!

Hit the jump to check out Vanja’s beard-tastic work!


Beard Hunter Boba Fett


Hellboy is not a boy anymore… He’s a bearded MAN!


Being a billionaire and vigilante doesn’t mean he has to be cleany shaven…


Bigger beard = More MP


Wario MAYBE looks better without a beard…

[super punch > beards and bellies]

3 Responses to “Beards Make EVERYTHING Better… Even Robocop!”

  1. Ducati Jackson says:

    Ulysses S. Robocop hahaha.

  2. HILDOOM says:

    lmao! Wario looks like Kimbo Slice!

  3. Johnsie Tilford says:

    Ich mag deinen Blog. Weißt du, was ist “Sexy Ohne Diät”?

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