Model: Ali Stephens & Batman - Photographer: Thierry Le Gouès - Layout: Marcell Rocha

I’m Batman… and aren’t I fabulous?!

I always love it when comic book culture breaks its way into other types of popular culture. In this case, high end fashion. In the latest issue, French fashion magazine French Revue du Modes will feature model Ali Stephens and Batman. Batman trades in Robin for a much more glamorous sidekick as Ali is sporting an outfit that isn’t like anything any of her predecessors ever wore. Instead of the green and red spandex (like Robin), Ali rather be fighting crime in animal prints, checkers, stripes, and freakin’ crazy high boots. Its almost feels like a mash up between The Dark Knight and Vivienne Westwood. If Ali was to learn anything from the Caped Crusader, it is that black is always in style and you can strike fear with just your eyes. Jeez, she got some crazy eye make up on…

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source: super punch via  my fair lady

photos: fashion gone rogue


Originally Published In: French Revue de Modes
Model: Ali Stephens and Batman
Photography: Thierry Le Gouè
Layout: Marcell Rocha

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